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8 March should officially become
International Day for Women's RIGHTS
(instead of International Women's Day)

What do we want?

The United Nations to change the name of “International Women's Day” to
“International Day for Women's Rights


Why does it matter?

4 good reasons to ask the UN
to change the name of this day

Words matter

1. Because words matter and impact mentalities

March 8th is not a day to celebrate women. It's a day about Women's RIGHTS.
And that changes everything!

December 10th is Human Rights Day, and everybody is well aware that this is not a day to celebrate human beings. It is a day to raise awareness of Human Rights. March 8th is the equivalent for Women's Rigths.

This is why the name of March 8th must be changed!

2. Because Women's Rights are violated

This day is a reminder. A reminder that Women's Rights continue to be violated all over the world, that equality is far from being achieved, that women face, everyday and everywhere, gender-based discrimination.

March 8th is THE day where women can raise awareness of the verbal, physical, legal and other forms of discrimination they suffer. This day must be focused on the enhancement of Women's Rights.

This is why the name of March 8th must be changed!

Women's rights are violated
The meaning is unclear

3. Because the International Women’s Day has no clear meaning

In some countries, March 8th has become a distasteful marketing operation, another commercial opportunity such as Valentine's Day or Mother's Day. Women are being given special discounts on women’s underwear, perfumes or household appliances.
In other countries, March 8th is actually Mother's Day. Besides the undesirable conflation between “Women” and “Mothers”, women’s rights are not even talked about.

March 8th is the International Day for Women's Rights. To defend the rights of ALL women!

This is why the name of March 8th must be changed!

4. Because gender equality is one of the 17 UN SDGs

The United Nations adopted a program of 17 sustainable development goals to end poverty, protect the planet, ensure prosperity for all, ... Among those goals there is Gender Equality.
This petition is therefore right in line with the UN’s objectives.

Furthermore, it is an International Day. Some countries already consider and name March 8th “Women’s rights day”. However, for this to be worldwide, for all women to benefit from it, the change must come from the UN.

This is why the name of March 8th must be changed!

17 UN SDGs
“Misnaming things is to add to the misfortune of the world!”

Freely translated from Albert Camus