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8 March should officially become
International Day for Women's RIGHTS
(instead of International Women's Day)

Who are we?

8 March for Women's Rights is an action launched by the association STEP asbl from Brussels, Belgium.
This action is supported by JCI Bruxelles, the Francophone Brussels chapter of a global network of young active citizens.

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Learn more about STEP asbl

STEP asbl is a Brussels-based non-profit association created by two young women, Christine and Pauline. Its aim is to promote tolerance and citizenship through life-long education in its broadest acceptation.

They are currently working on four fields: sustainable development, awareness raising of propaganda's tricks, keys to better comprehend the world and Women’s Rights.

Through diverse initiatives, from awareness rising activities in schools to ponctual actions such as this petition, STEP is firmly committed to working on a better future in this more and more complex and interconnected society.

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Learn more about JCI Bruxelles

JCI (or Junior Chamber International) is a non-profit organization of young active citizens aged 18 to 40 committed to creating a positive impact in their communities. Active citizens are invested in the future of our world.

Founded in 1936, JCI Bruxelles is the oldest chapter in continental Europe. It is composed today of 25 committed members determined to develop projects.

All projects have the same purpose: to create positive impact on our environment and in the local community.