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[Convention] JCI National Convention Tomorrow 2017 – Ghent

22 septembre 2017 - 24 septembre 2017

Our National Convention 2017 for JCI Belgium will offer today what TOMORROW GHENT could be.
The most important goal of TOMORROW GHENT is to bring citizens, academics, governance, companies and JCI members together to discover the added value of "Smart Cities" and it's meaning of a better "Tomorrow Ghent".
We believe that cities as they are organised today, are facing social, economic and ecological challenges for the future.
We believe that innovation should accelerate in order to become reality more quickly.
By bringing together people with different points of views, and showing them that by combining their vision, with mutual understanding and accomplishment, we can develop the smart city of tomorrow Ghent.
Tomorrow Ghent provides opportunities to people on a very wide scale. Opportunities that will have a positive impact in our cities. The future is now.

Join us!!!

NCN 2017


Début :
22 septembre 2017
Fin :
24 septembre 2017
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JCI Ghent

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